• Belle Greene

"Belle Greene, Alexandra Lapierre’s new character, is a true marvel !"
Paris Diary by Laure, January 20th 2021.

"The luminous and sensitive portrait of an extraordinary woman in an America fraught with taboos and, consequently, with transgressions."
Point de vue, Wensday January 20th 2021.

"Erudite, sharp, and worldly, she hid an incredible secret…The story told with panache by Alexandra Lapierre of one of the first women of the 20thcentury to have had the madness, and above all the courage, to choose her own destiny."
Elle, Friday January 22 2021.

"The destiny of a woman who was remarkably ahead of her time is told by Alexandra Lapierre at a breathless pace, with the panache and the elegance that distinguish her writing."
Le Service Littéraire, Monday February1st 2021.

“With the tale of this amazing destiny, Alexandra Lapierre recounts a piece of American history and the story of a flamboyant woman. Lapierre loves extraordinary characters: in Belle Greene, she has found a heroine worthy of her talent."
Le Matin Dimanche, Sunday January 31st 2021.

"This beautiful, exciting, feverish, angry narrative tells us about an indomitable woman whose motto pleases me: I don’t belong to you!"
Version Femina, Saturday February 6th 2021.

"A magnificent work!"
Franck Ferrand raconte..., Radio classique, Friday January 29th 2021.

"Once again, Alexandra Lapierre has the outstanding flair of making us discover the remarkable destiny of a forgotten woman."
RTL, Radio Show Les livres ont la parole, Sunday January 31st 2021.

• Moura, burnt memories (Moura, la mémoire incendiée)

"You were looking for a great book this winter, you have found it this spring with Moura: an amazing story with a stunning character!"
Franck Ferrand, Au cœur de l’Histoire, 17th of March 2016.

"When Alexandra Lapierre gets her grip on a forgotten woman, you can be sure that she will turn her heroin into a fascinating lady. Moura, her last book, is both powerful and inspired, fast and passionate. Lapierre at her best."
Christine Oddo, ELLE, 18th of March 2016.

"A schorlaly biography and a novel at once: a fabulous book, sworming with discoveries, unknown facts and unpublished documents. Seven hundred passionate pages."
Dominique Bona de l’Académie française, Version Femina, 4th of April 2016.

"This dashing and fascinating novel reads the very way Moura lived: in a gallop!"
Thierry Gandillot, Les Echos, 5th of April 2016.

"An unforgetable portrait of a lady."
Philippe Vallet, Le livre du Jour, France Info, 6th of April 2016

"Alexandra Lapierre plunges with an enthousiasm that becomes a contagious passion, into the heart and soul of a woman who embodied the whole of the XXth century, with its cultural wealth and its complexity. The result is a three dimensional portrait of a great lady. A dense and captivating narrative."
Mohammed Aissaoui, Le Figaro Littéraire, 14th of April 2016.

In order to recreate Moura’s captivating story, Alexandra Lapierre has undertaken a colossal research and written a prodigious book. For sure, Moura will be THE book of the summer 2016.
Pierre Vavasseur, Le Parisien, 17th of April 2016.

• I'll make you queen of the world (Je te vois reine des quatre parties du monde)

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• The Extravagant Miss C. (L'Excessive)

"Super-documented, well written, surprising from the first to the last page... a book as riveting as its woman hero."
ELLE, June 18, 2010

"The crazy life of this ambitious woman with a big heart is irresistible."
Marie-Claire, August 2010

"The last opus of Alexandra Lapierre is devoted to a splendid adventuress who so much looks like her: the same inspiration, a mad energy, an enthusiasm which sweeps away everything coming her way."
Valeurs Actuelles, July 15, 2010

"Lively, funny bubbling, the true fiction book of Alexandra Lapierre is one of the great publications of this current summer."
Le Nouvel Observateur, July 1, 2010

"Alexandra Lapierre's heroine teaches lessons to Paris Hilton or Lady Gaga. With one difference though: Elizabeth Chudleigh's life is spread with failures which all convert into triumphs... thanks to a certain idea of freedom!"
Paris Match, August 12, 2010

"Alexandra Lapierre, who has the art to discover outstanding characters, has enchanted me with this novel teeming with details about a time of history, while remaining beyond all a sensual and thrilling story."
Version Femina, July 3, 2010

"After Alexandra Lapierre's previous bestsellers Fanny Stevenson and Artemisia, now comes Elizabeth Chudleigh, a woman who managed to invent her destiny as no writer would have dared to do it!"
Le Point, June 17, 2010

"Alexandra Lapierre paints with a sharp and precise pen the portrait of a fire inspired heroin."
Le Figaro Littéraire, May 20, 2010

"A book to stir all hearts! This heroin of a spectacular story who has, pardon me, no less as Catherine II of Russia for friend, this woman who snatches everyone's heart, lives today a second life under the inspired pen of Alexandra Lapierre".
Le Parisien, July 3, 2010

"This book, so light and so full of fantasy, is a delicious promenade in the life of an exceptional woman."
Ouest France, July 11, 2010

"By narrating the forgotten itinerary of Elizabeth Chudleigh, Alexandra Lapierre glorifies the timeless vitality of women."
Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, June 16, 2010

"Elizabeth Chudleight, 'la grande scandaleuse', has charmed Frederic II of Prussia, Catherine II of Russia, and a whole share of Europe's aristocracy... Alexandra Lapierre gives back to this extravagant woman all her drive and disturbing flash."
L'Est Républicain

"No appreciation can be 'extravagant' enough to qualify the love at first sight that strikes you when reading this exalting book."
Lire est un plaisir, journal d'un chroniqueur littéraire, May 29, 2010

"Certain human beings manage to convert the wrecking of their existence into triumphs. It's the case of Elizabeth Chudleigh, the heroin of Alexandra Lapierre's new novel."
Philippe Vallet, France Info

• Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman (Le Voleur d'éternité)

"Written like the most thrilling of adventure stories but built upon impeccable documentation from both published and unpublished sources, Alexandra Lapierre bears witness to the ferocious struggle waged by England's aristocrats to assemble artistic collections from which they expected to derive both prestige and power (...) This fascinating book strikes a clever balance between a rich narrative, peopled with extraordinary characters, and a subtle analysis of the role of art in struggles for power."
Le Monde

"Alexandra Lapierre fell head-over-heels for her "Unknown Gentleman" and came back from her five years of research with this un-put-downable whirlwind of an adventure – be warned: her passion is contagious!"

"An erudite... a seducer... a true adventurer... William Petty is the Renaissance's Indiana Jones, brought to life by Alexandra Lapierre in this colorful book where swashbucklers risk their lives for the love of art."
Paris Match

"Both an exciting adventure and an erudite achievement – to be devoured whole!.. Petty's adventures remind us of the exploits of Bonaparte in Venice, Berenson in Florence, Champollion in Egypt, Schliemann at Troy, Lord Elgin in Athens – irresistible and treacherous."
Le Figaro Littéraire

"Alexandra Lapierre's new best-seller is as exciting as a thriller and as appealing as her very unusual hero -- a man with an abundant passion for beauty, freedom and daredevilry. 'Make love and plunder Venice', that was his motto. He bought masterpieces, had them copied, and then returned the copy to the owner while sending the original back home!"
France Soir

"Alexandra Lapierre's enthusiasm turns this enigmatic character, whose life was filled with blood and fire, into a magnificent three-dimensional hero!"
Journal du Dimanche

"The mastermind behind the world's most most-prized museum treasures is at last uncovered in a book that is as gripping as a thriller."

"...Alexandra Lapierre has extracted William Petty from the mists of time (...) with the flow, ease and grace of the most exciting of adventure novels..."
Valeurs Actuelles

"Colorful, vivid, moving, adventure-filled – a rare treat!"
Télé Z

"Alexandra Lapierre is gifted with the ability to share all that is most ineffable about the past – she goes to the very heart of her subject and delivers here an exceptionally rich book... "Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman" has the reach and energy that imbues her prodigious hero."
Jean Guy Soumy, Le Populaire du Centre

• Le Salon des Petites Vertus

• 5 Short stories on women in Rome
Editions Robert Laffont

"Under the apparent frivolity of her 'femmes fatales', Lapierre offers us the most refined of studies in character development."
Le Monde

"Witty dialogues, a refined build up, a climax that reminds you of Ettore Scola, with a pay off worthy of the best of Dino Buzzati."

"Deliciously devilish."
Sud Ouest

"A biting book..."
La Libre Belgique

"Lapierre's sophisticated and inventive stories race by at a gallop..."
Libération Champagne

"Irony and refinement: a malicious laugh on every page!"
Rouen Lecture

"A book full of finesse written with speed, precision and lightness."
Valeurs Actuelles

"A cocktail blending poison and elegance - a deliciously intoxicating mixture."
Le Parisien

"Fascinating and baroque."

"A pure delight."
L'Hebdo Lausanne

"Written with a spirited frenzy - and in a style made of gold, ink and acid; extraordinary Alexandra Lapierre!"
L'Est Eclair

"Speaking of Lapierre's book, one might think of the greatest heroins of history. It is as if Balzac's and Mme de Lafayette's women -freed from the restraints of time- were speaking directly to us. An explosive mix of vice and virtue, of innocence and weakedness, of past and present. Lapierre's book has bowled us over. Thanks to her, we are convinced: literature can be immortal."

• La lionne du boulevard

Editions Robert Laffont
"A masterly stroke"
Alain Decaux, l'Académie Française

"A brillant display of fireworks"
Danielle Rolin, Le Matin

"Lively and funny: written at a gallop!"
Paris Match

"A book that reads as easily as drinking a glass of Champagne."
Jean-Claude Perrier, Le Quotidien de Paris

"A total success"
Marie-Paule Reigner, La Presse de la Manche

"A spellbinding reconstruction of that cruel and sumptuous 19th century Paris!"
Sylvie Gennevoix, Le Figaro Madame