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alexandra lapierre Artemisia
alexandra lapierre Artemisia
alexandra lapierre Artemisia
alexandra lapierre Artemisia

A few of the reviews

"In this graceful translation . . . Artemisia employs admirable artistry in depicting the turbulent life and times of two great painters." –The New York Times Book Review

"The most comprehensive treatment ever [of Artemisia] in a new book that is already an international best-seller." –Vanity Fair

"[The] record tells only part of the story, and Lapierre has beautifully used her imagination to fill the gaps. . . . Fascinating and richly satisfying." – The Baltimore Sun

"It is a book that shines and glitters, a novel that overcomes the reader, overflows, overwhelms him with life and death pulsions. It is a drama that respects every aspect of history, every detail of political truth, yet that speaks only of love and passion. Here the historical novel radiates human ambiguity."
Jacques-Pierre Amene – Le Point

"A masterpiece."
Gilles Pons – Pleine Vie

"Alexandra Lapierre female heroes are passionate women. Happy women, yet women without hope. Dreamers, yet anchored into reality... Gentlemen, be aware and be careful! Or Artemisia, the Italian vamp, will drown you and drown your hearts into oceans of seduction (...) This book is simply great."
Sébastien Le Fol – Le Figaro

"Thanks to Alexandra Lapierre, Artemisia has achieved immortality."
Laurence Haloche – Figaro Magazine

"Alexandra Lapierre has won her bet: she enables non-specialists of the seventeeth century (99,9% of the population) to understand an artist's struggle through words."
Fabrice Gaignault – Elle

"An accomplishment for Alexandra Lapierre, whose 'copy' is as perfect as the original. A lively, colorful, and energetic fresco!"
Thomas Pignol – Point de Vue

"Fascinated herself, Alexandra Lapierre has written a fascinating book."
Michel Vagner – L'Est Républicain

"A book bubbling with adventures, roaming with furor and colors, that recreated the Baroque Italy with all its fragrances – an epopea running wild from ballrooms to torture chambers, from trials to betrials."
Annie Coppermann – Les Echos

"A great work of art!"
François Vey – V. S. D.

"This book has been said to be the 'event of the year'. Nothing to add to that: Artemisia by Alexandra Lapierre is cut in the marble of masterpieces."
Natacha Wolinski – Beaux Arts

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